Have Influencers Sell More of Your Products through Live Video Storytelling

Spin makes product discovery fun again and helps brands and retailers grow their audience through trusted, authentic experiences.

Grow Sales

Tap into the new emerging medium of live video shopping and create rich, interactive shopping experiences with conversion rates 10X better than traditional e-commerce sites.
“…The flexibility to stream at any time, choose influencer collaborators and create special promotions on the platform has already led to a 15% increase in sales…”
-Laura Jane Schierhorn, Owner of LJS Brand

Influencers ❤️ Live

Let Spin’s Shopper Influencer Network create the content for you and tap directly into their most passionate followers. Say good-bye to upfront fees and messy contracts as influencer commissions are paid out automatically by Spin.

Works with Shopify

Connect your online store to Spin with just a few clicks and sync product information, order management and fulfillment in real-time.

Risk-Free Pricing

Get started today and try Spin for FREE for the first 90 days. After that, pay a small commission only when something sells.
“Spin offers a unique freedom to connect with the audience authentically beyond the reach of my personal/brand following.”
Laura Jane Schierhorn
Owner of LJS Brand
”Spin not only offers a unique selling platform, but as a brand founder it gives me the opportunity to chat live with consumers. While the goal is to sell products, customer discovery is an ongoing task, and going live on Spin gives me a chance to do both.”
Jennifer Tinsley
Founder of FIELD
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